Revenge after clandestine Christmas decoration

Santa, Joke, BrmangerHIGH FLYNG SANTA: Santa and two carriers at the top, Janniken Brenden Frøyen (Left.) and Jan Fredrik Fosse. Photo: PRIVATE

Revenge after the comrades clandestine Christmas decoration

Challenged to carry 6 metres tall Santa up Europe’s tallest sea cliff


As a prelude, the comrades secretly decorated Harry Gulestøl house using Christmas lights and a six-meter tall father Christmas. Harry then devised revenge: Carry the Santa up to the top of Hornelen, which happens to be Europe’s tallest sea cliff.

– We had to accept the challenge. It was quite a trip, says Gulstøls friend, Jan Fredrik Fosse, laughingly.

VG wrote last week about how Fosse and his friend, Per Arild Frøyen, used ladders and rented a lift to decorate Harry’s house in Kalvåg, Bremanger, while he and his wife Ann Irene were away at a Kurt Nilsen concert in Bergen.

In addition to decorating Harry’s house with lots of light, they also put an almost six meter high Santa Claus in his courtyard.

Harry immediately warned that he would not let the friends he has known forever would not get away scot free

– Yes, we have to devise a revenge. They can not do this without retribution. But the key to a proper revenge is that it is a surprise, he told VG at the time.

Nine hours

And the surprise ws in store: In response to the comrades’ escapades they were presented with achallenge they will soon forget. As retribution, Harry enticed them to carry the large Santa to the top of Hornelen, Europe’s tallest sea cliff, 860 meters above sea level.

– I’m not particularly fond of a lot of Christmas decorations, that’s why they started this jest. With this challenge, I thought that the Santa could breathe some air and additionally my friends obtained a great Christmas card picture, Harry Gulestøl LOL’s.

– Ever since ancient times there are many tales connected with the mountain, among other things, that there was a gathering place for witchcraft on mid summers day. I thought it was time to add a bit of Yule tradition too, he adds

Saturday, Fosse and three other friends started the trek. In their rucksacks they carried the inflatable Santa, a motorcycle battery to inflate it, and of course the Norwegian flag.

– The equipment weighed about 20 kilos. Hornlien in Bremanger is a popular tourist destination in the summer, but one was not easy to traverse in the winter. We used both snowshoes and ski’s, and some parts of the track was very icy, says Fosse.

Small ceremony

The trip took about nine hours all together. Around 2 pm on Saturday, the Santa was in place at the top of the sea cliff.

– The Santa is so large that it was easy to see it for everyone in the hamlet. therefore I think we made for a good Christmas atmosphere for many today, laughs Fosse.

– We held a small ceremony up there, with the Norwegian flag and a photo session. There are not so many who had expected to see a large Santa on Hornelen, therefore it made for an unexpected motif on this year’s Christmas cards.

Fosse thinks his friend, Harry Gulestøl, has become very fond of the Santa, deep down.

– At least he was terrified that it would be destroyed during the trip. Now it’s safely back on his turf again, so we’ll wait and see if there are more expeditions for the Santa before Christmas. For now we are at least, even Steven. But you never know if another Santa expedition will occur.

Harry also believes the Santa should be left alone in the courtyard for the rest of Christmas.

– I think it’s for the best. We’ll have to await if there’s new adventures next year.

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