STARBUCKS: Good-Bye Plastic Straws

Starbucks coffee shopStarbucks coffee shop.Photo. Pixabay

Starbucks stops using plastic straws

Starbucks Corporation, the American coffee company and international coffeehouse chain operating almost 30,000 locations worldwide declared yesterday, July 9th, of its intent to remove plastic straws from its entire coffeehouse franchise within 2 years.


Removing plastic straws will make Starbucks the largest international company in the world to prohibit the use of the plastic utensil.


Instead of plastic straws, Starbucks will offer what some wags have referred to as an ‘adult sippy cup’; a plastic lid with a built-in sipping port.

The new lid has been in use at many Starbucks outlets, used when serving particular cold drinks such as ‘Cold Foam’ and “Draft Nitro,” a coffee drink mixed with nitrogen.

Unlike straws, the new lid is recyclable, and Starbucks estimates that they’ll remove over one billion plastic straws from their refuse-chain yearly with the move.


Starbucks CEO Kevin Johnson gave statement of the plan to remove straws, saying; “For our partners and customers, this is a significant milestone to achieve our global aspiration of sustainable coffee, served to our customers in sustainable ways,”

The move to remove plastic straws comes one week after Starbucks hometown of Seattle, Washington (USA) put a ban on plastic straws & cutlery in all cafes and stores selling food and drink within the city.

Last month, McDonald’s restaurants revealed their plan to remove plastic straws from almost 1,300 restaurants within in the United Kingdom and Ireland.


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