18 electric cars per charging station in Norway

Electric carsElectric car.Photo: Pixabay

Electric cars have access to charging stations in most municipalities. On average, 18 electric cars share each widely available charging point.

At the same time, many municipalities are also developing charging and shore power systems for ferries and ships, show Statistics Norway new figures.

At the end of last year, just over 195,000 electric passenger cars were registered. This is 41 percent more than the year before, but electric passenger cars still account for only 7 percent of the fleet. In addition, around 190,000 hybrid cars have come, which also need charging.

Most electric car owners have the opportunity to charge at home. In 2018, almost all electric car owners mainly charged at home. Only 13 percent used publicly available charging stations weekly or more often.

Last year, the most registered electrically driven passenger cars in Akershus were close to 40,400. Oslo and Hordaland had the second highest number with just under 36,200 and almost 29,600 respectively. There are still few in Finnmark where the number is 280.

Of larger municipalities, Sarpsborg and Hamar have ten electric cars per charging point, while in Sandnes and Asker 68 and 49 electric cars must share each charging point respectively.

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