Ap will have a cap on the VAT exemption for electric cars

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There are major differences in how much electric car owners have to pay in fees. Hadia Tajik in the Labor Party would like to end this.

– “There are enough benefits for the rich and powerful now, who have received more than eight billion in tax cuts since 2013,” says Tajik to Dagens Næringsliv.

She thinks there should be a limit to how expensive cars the state subsidizes.

An overview from the Ministry of Finance shows that buyers of Tesla X have to pay NOK 7,770 in taxes, while those who buy a fossil-fueled VW Tourareg must pay out NOK 569,000 in state fees.

In the alternative budget of the Labor Party, a ceiling on the VAT exemption is proposed to be introduced. This applies to electric cars that cost more than NOK 600,000, and VAT is to be paid on the amount over 600,000, the newspaper writes.

– “The climate doesn’t care if you drive a Tesla Model 3, Volkswagen Golf or a Jaguar. Tesla 3 and Golf fall below the limit, but if you are going to have a Jaguar you have to put in a little extra,” says Tajik.

The Labor Party has previously proposed an upper limit on VAT exemption, and Høyre’s fiscal spokesman Henrik Asheim rejects the proposal. He does not rule out that there may be charges for electric cars, but insists that the electric car benefits will last until 2021.

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