The autumn rain gives lower electricity prices

Power line electricityPower line. Photo Norway Today Media

While the water rises in the hydropower trays, electricity prices are going down. Prices have fallen sharply in the past two weeks.


Last week, more terawatt hours (TWh) counted down in our hydropower stations, which provide fuel for Norway’s 1,600 hydropower plants. Filling rate increased by 4 percent to almost 70 percent, while the normal for the season is around 85 percent, figures come from NVE.

“This benefits the power generators in Norway, which consists of 96 percent hydropower. The large rainfall rates also affect electricity prices, which have been reduced by around 40 percent in the last two weeks, “says Lars Ragnar Solberg, Advisor in Energy Norway.

Figures from the Nord Pool power exchange show that the purchase price of electricity has been reduced from close to 60 øre per kilowatt hour the second week in September, to 35.5 øre today.

Estimated intake for magazines for week 37 was a total of 5.8 TWh – over twice the norm. The current week is also expected to be high, with an output of 4.1 TWh, which is 50 percent above the norm.

The stock fill is highest in Eastern Norway, while it is lowest in northern Norway.


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