Bad news: Unemployment in Norway is increasing for the first time since April

NAV unemployedPhoto: Gorm Kallestad / NTB

On Tuesday, a total of 188,600 completely unemployed and partially unemployed workers, as well as job seekers, were registered at the Norwegian Labour and Welfare Administration (NAV). That is 2,600 more than last week.

The number of job seekers is thus increasing for the first time since April.

“After a continuous decline since mid-April, the number of job seekers has increased this week. 

“This is mainly due to the fact that more people have been laid off full time. Especially in Oslo, the number of laid-off workers has increased as a result of the new infection control measures that came into force yesterday,” NAV chief Hans Christian Holte noted in a press release.

Gross unemployment at 4.1%

A total of 101,200 people are registered as completely unemployed at NAV, according to preliminary figures.

That constitutes 3.6% of the Norwegian labor force. 

Gross unemployment, which is the sum of the number of completely unemployed workers and job seekers on NAV measures, amounts to 115,700 people or 4.1% of the labor force.

Additionally, 72,900 people are registered as partially unemployed. 

Thus, a total of 188,600 people are registered as job seekers at NAV, which makes up 6.7% of the workforce.

Temporarily laid off

Out of those registered as completely unemployed, 23,600 are laid off. The same applies to 31,800 of the partially unemployed. That is 1,200 more laid-off people than last week.

The number of completely laid-off people has increased since last week by 1,900. 

On the other hand, the number of partially laid-off workers has decreased by 600. In total, 2% of the labor force has been laid off.

The number of layoffs has increased most in Oslo, with a thousand more, followed by Vestland and Viken, with 180 and 150 more, respectively. 

Oslo is thus the county with the largest proportion of laid-off workers, with 3.1% of the labor force.

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