Believes Norway’s reputation will be damaged from the hotel strike

Hotel strikeOslo. Hotel strike.Photo: Torstein Bøe / NTB scanpix

Hotels strike is terribly negative for Norway’s reputation, says Vibeke Raddum European chief of the major Asian tour operator Tumlaren, to the newspaper Dagens Næringsliv.

Saturday escalate strike up, and another 1,000 employees will be on strike.
– It is typical that this is now in the run up to the Norwegian tourist season. This creates both uncertainty and turmoil in addition to significant additional costs for us, says Raddum. She thinks the strike is devastating for the industry.

For us who sell tourism to Norway abroad, it is terribly negative that we get such a strike. It’s horrible negative for Norway’s reputation. It is only in France and Norway that happens, she says to Dagens Næringsliv.

CEO of Scandic Norway, Svein Arild Mevold, hopes that this straik not will destroy them during the tourist season.

Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today