Beneficiaries wrongly sentenced to prison

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“Dozens of beneficiaries have been wrongly sentenced to prison for receiving social security benefits in other EEA countries,” according to Labor Minister Anniken Hauglie (H).

The rules for receiving sick benefits, clarification allowance and care money from Norway to other EEA countries while residing in Norway have not been properly practiced since the EU social security regulation came into effect in 2012, the Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs states.

It shows a new review of the practice by Nav. The rules for persons living abroad have been practiced correctly.

“Of course, I strongly apologize,” said the Minister addressed to those who have been affected by the authorities’ erroneous legal understanding since 2012.

2,400 cases

– “Several persons have been wrongly notified and have received in part large repayment claims from Nav as a result of this error. On the basis of the reports, several people have been sentenced to prison or have received other punitive sentences,”she says.

Around 2,400 cases or persons have received a recovery case that may be incorrect, according to Nav Director Sigrun Vågeng.

– “This is very sad, and of course I apologize most strongly,“ she says.

48 wrong judgements
According to Attorney General Tor-Aksel Busch, at least 48 incorrect judgments have been handed down for social security fraud. Thirty-six of these include unconditional imprisonment, and the longest is to be eight months in prison.

The Attorney General says he will request the reopening of the cases and asks each police district to obtain an overview.

Hauglie announces that she will explain the matter to Parliament. She will also conduct an external review to examine how EEA rules may have been practiced incorrectly since 2012.

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