Caravan and camper van sales rise like never before

MotorhomeMotorhome.Photo: Marianne Løvland / NTB scanpix

So far this year, caravan and camper van sales are already 20% higher than during the same period in the peak year, 2016.


The Industry believes that cabins on wheels have become trendy among many more people.

So far this year, 3,200 new campers, and 2,661 new caravans have been registered in Norway. That’s more than last year.

Only in September, Norwegians bought 236 campers and 134 caravans.

‘Compared to the same time last year, camper sales have now reached 20% higher than in the first nine months of 2016, while caravans are just over 10%,” said Secretary General, Geir Holm, of the Norwegian Caravan Industry Association (NCB).

Growth occurred throughout the country, but westerners and northerners are the most enthusiastic.

‘Older adults still constitute the heaviest group among motorhome buyers. Younger families often choose caravans’, said CEO,Bengt Heggertveit, of the dealer chain, Ferda.

Throughout 2016, 3,052 campers, and 2,607 caravans were sold in Norway.

© NTB Scanpix / Norway Today