Consumer economist’s ‘Ten Tips Before Delivering Tax Report’

Tax lists.Photo: Norway Today Media

1. Check your income. Tax-free fringe benefits and allowances can be mistaken for wages

2. Enter travel allowances or commuting deductions. These are NOT pre-filled. Use the Tax Administration’s calculators for calculating the deductions.

3. Check that all expenses for the passports of children are included. There may be shortcomings in the tasks of kindergarten and SFO. Don’t forget about expenses for private childcare and driving to and from kindergarten.

4. Get a deduction for union dues and gifts for NGOs approved for tax deductions.

5. Cohabitants and joint loans? Remember the distribution of the interest deduction. Cohabitants must have an agreement on the distribution of interest expenses.

6. Private loans or loans from an employer? 

7. Use the deduction guide at It helps you find the most common deductions you are entitled to.

8. Refinanced? You also get a deduction for charges and fees and other costs.

9. Found errors or made changes? You can make a new tax calculation yourself at

10. Residual tax? If you pay the tax due within the deadline of the 31st of  May, you will not have to pay interest on the residual tax. Read about deadlines for payment of arrears on the tax authorities’ pages.

© NTB Scanpix / #Norway Today

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