Coronavirus has knocked-out Moss Rygge Airport

Rygge AirportRygge Airport.Photo.

COVID-19 has knocked out the plans for the owners of Moss Rygge Airport. Now the owners are looking to sell the airport.

There have been many ups and downs for the owners of Jotunfjell Partners since taking over the previously popular airport in 2017. The Coronavirus crisis is the worst.

Jotunfjell Partners owns many companies and most of them are struggling financially during these Corona-times, so the airport project cannot be prioritized now. It costs six to eight million NOK per year to operate the empty airport.

According to Dagsavisen / Demokraten, the owners are opening up to sell the entire airport, but there is no question as to whether there are any stakeholders, as they have so far not been actively active in the market.

The defense and the company Rygge AirPort may be relevant buyers.

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