Couldn’t use your ticket due to the bus strike? You might get a refund

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Norwegians who bought bus tickets that they haven’t been able to use due to the ongoing strike could be entitled to a refund.

“Most scheduled buses in Norway are parked due to the nationwide strike. If you bought a ticket that you are not able to use due to the strike, you may be entitled to a refund.

Check your rights with your public transport company,” Nils Sødal, senior communications consultant at NAF, said.


Some companies, including Ruter, require passengers to cancel their tickets if they want to claim a refund. After that, passengers have the right to claim a refund for the remaining days on the ticket.

Additionally, passengers can claim a refund for days where the ticket could not be used because the bus routes were canceled – under the condition that they did not have access to other transport on their travel routes, such as a tram or metro.

“There is no reason to pay for transport you’re not getting. So we encourage those who can’t use their tickets during the strike to apply for a refund,” Sødal said.

Travel guarantee

Public transport companies have a travel guarantee through which they promise to provide passengers with alternative transport when the bus isn’t running.

Unfortunately, that doesn’t apply when there is a strike.

“A strike is something the public transport company has no control over and so the travel guarantee does not apply,” Nils Sødal concluded.

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