DNB reports multiple cases of Corona fraud

DNB headquarters, in downtown Oslo.DNB headquarters, in downtown Oslo..Photo: Terje Pedersen / NTB scanpix

DNB has reported several new attempts to take advantage of the government’s support plans for supporting businesses affected by the Corona measures that are in place.

The bank has reported  four new attempts to scam money from the support plans. Both DNB and the police have already reported six attempts of fraud of the same type, according to E24.

The total amount scammed by the ten cases that has been reported has amounted to 5.7 million kroner. Some of the money  has already been paid out and others not. 

-” Generally, we can say that there are different industries and different ways to embezzle money.”, said Terje Aleksander Fjeldvær, Head of DNB’s Fraud prevention Unit. 

A store owner used the government support money to buy stocks in wind power, while others have used the loan for their businesses to pay for their private loans. Some have forged accounts, and others have used the money for other purposes other than stated and not in accordance with the regulations for the loan. 

Økokrim believes that the support plans are being misused to a considerable extent. 

-” We are serious about these matters. Those who misuse these, take advantage of the plans designed for Norway as a society to make it through the crises.”, says Petter Nordeng, State Attorney at Økokrim.

Both Danske Bank and Nordea have stated to E24 that there hasn’t been any indications of their clients abusing the government loan. 

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