The Medical Association sues the state

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The Medical Association takes anonymous reviews to court

The Norwegian Medical Association sues the state for publishing anonymous reviews on (Doctor Listing). The Data Protection Authority has previously refused the doctors make reservations against such comments.

The Norwegian Medical Association believes that the anonymous net reviews are in violation of privacy regulations of the EU,  Dagens Medisin (Medicine Today) writes.

The site has long been controversial. The Norwegian Data Inspectorate ruled that doctors could reserve themselves against being mentioned there. The Personal Rights Appeals Board, on the other hand, came to the conclusion that the freedom of information weighs heavier and that doctors, therefore, cannot reserve themselves.

“We disagree with the decision of the Data Protection Authority. We believe that the privacy of doctors must weigh heavier than the interests of the Doctor Listing. This is an important issue for our members and must be clarified by the legal system,” Head of the Association of General Practitioners, Tom Ole Øren, states.



Submitted the lawsuit on Thursday

The Medical Association submitted the lawsuit to Oslo District Court on Thursday.

Entrepreneur and General Manager of Legelisten, Lars Haakon Søraas, finds the lawsuit strange.

“The GP scheme has significant challenges. Many GPs informs that they have too much to do, and many patients find that they do not get the service they need”, Søraas writes in an email to the journal adding:

“Against this backdrop, we find it strange that the Medical Association chooses to spend even more time and resources on a war with the state about whether should persevere.

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