Doubling of road toll prices in Oslo from October

Lan Marie Nguyen Berg, road tollOSLO. Lan Marie Nguyen Berg (MDG -The Environmental Party) Photo: Heiko Junge / NTB Scanpixscanpix

Oslo residents will face close to a doubling of their road toll costs

From the 1st of October this year, Oslo residents will face close to a doubling of their road toll costs. Twice as many drivers will have to pay even more in 55 new toll stations.



The increases in road-tolls are planned in the so-called ‘Oslopakke 3’ in order to finance transport projects in the region, writes VG newspaper.

Initially, from October the 1st, passenger vehicles running on diesel will pay NOK 48 outside, and NOK 58  during rush hours, whereas the cost stands at NOK 34 today. Petrol fuelled cars will have to pay NOK 43 kroner outside of, and NOK 53 kroner during, peak hours.

According to Statens vegvesen (the Norwegian Public Roads Administration), it is more than likely that as of March 2019, more motorists will really notice increased toll prices in several toll stations.

‘Today, 50% of motorists on Oslo’s roads don’t pay at the toll booths. Now, together with Akershus politicians, we are implementing a toll situationthat seems fairer, said the representative for the miljøbyråd i Oslo (Environment Council in Oslo’s), Lan Marie Nguyen Berg (Miljøpartiet de grønne – Environmental Party).

In 2019, zero-emission cars, or electric cars, at Level 2, will have to pay NOK 20 during peak hours and NOK 10 outside of rush hours. This will be doubled at a later stage, Level 3, to NOK 30 during peak hours, and NOK 20 the rest of the day.


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