Norway and Greenland agree on quotas

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Norway and Greenland agree on fishing quotas

Norwegian Minister of Fisheries, Harald T. Nesvik (Progress Party), is pleased with the quota agreement Norway and Greenland have signed for next year.


The quotas will continue at the same level as for 2018. Norway and Greenland have also agreed to further develop research cooperation.

Greenland’s quota in the Barents Sea is set at 4,000 tonnes of cod, 900 tonnes of haddock and 500 tonnes of pollock for 2019. On top of that, Greenland receives a quota of up to 300 tonnes of by-catch of other species.

The Norwegian 900-tonnes blue whiting quota for West Greenland and 400 tonnes in East Greenland has been continued. The cod quota remains at 1,200 tonnes, bottom-living redfish continues with 1,000 tonnes and the halibut quota with 10 tonnes. The quota of 100 tons for Roundnose Grenadier around East Greenland is also continued.

Norwegian vessels also have a quota of 150 tonnes of by-catch of other species.

The research collaboration will be continued for blue whiting, cod, redfish and Greenland shark. The countries also pursue a multiannual research program on the effects of climate change on fish stocks and ecosystems in Western Nordic waters.

“This is a good agreement for the Norwegian [fishing] industry”

~ Minister of Fisheries, Tom Harald Nesvik.


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