Hairdressers and lawyers have the most satisfied customers

Hairdresser hairdressingHairdresser.Photo:Pixabay

Hairdressers and lawyers are the professions that score best in customer satisfaction. Broadband providers have many dissatisfied private customers, according to a survey.

A measurement conducted by the EPSI Rating shows that dentists, opticians and GPs score high when it comes to customer satisfaction in the private sectors, but there are hairdressers who believe to be in the top.

“The switching barrier with hairdressers is low, and it is therefore crucial that customers have a good experience so that they return,” says Fredrik Høst in the EPSI Rating in a press release.

In the corporate segment, the survey shows that lawyers are the best. Travel agencies and auditing firms also have satisfied customers.

It was the broadband providers who have the most dissatisfied private customers, according to the survey.

EPSI Survey had conducted 20,000 in-depth interviews of individuals and companies around Norway in 2018.

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