Fremskrittspartiet (FRP) county council propose mandatory vaccinations


Frp’s national conference will decide on a proposal for compulsory vaccinations against measles, and whether schools will set vaccine requirements.

Trøndelag Frp is behind a proposal that allows schools to refuse non-vaccinated students attending school wrote NRK news.

‘’We believe that it could be the type of measure that will help get the degree of vaccinations up. We believe that this is such an important issue, and it is so important to protect the weakest among us’’ said parliamentary representative, Sivert Bjørnstad (Frp) to the news channel.

It is proposed that refugees and asylum seekers should be vaccinated as soon as possible after arrival and that both schools and kindergartens should be able to demand vaccination.Employees in health, school and kindergarten should be fired if they refuse to vaccinate it was suggested.

‘’There must be some real incentive if one is to get more people to vaccinate’’ said Bjørnstad.

Frp will have their national conference in early May.

© NTB Scanpix / #Norway Today