Half Norway believes Eastern European labour immigration is pushing down wages

jobJob.Photo: Pixabay

50% of Norwegians believe that labour immigration from Eastern Europe is pushing down wages according to a survey.

At the same time, 44% responded that they believe that labour immigration from the east will push weak groups out of the labour market according to the survey conducted by Respons on behalf of Fafo.

‘’The main findings of the research are in line with what the population responded to here. Particularly in certain industries, there has been a significant decline in wage growth, and this must be linked to social dumping as a result of increased employment choices’’ said chief economist, Roger Bjørnstad of LO to Klassekampen newspaper.

However, the survey showed that only 16% would leave the EEA. Perhaps the biggest change that has taken place since the EEA came into force is the EU’s major enlargement eastwards in 2004. But this expansion also became the starting point for work immigration to Norway that no one could have predicted ten years before.

‘’The EEA agreement is much more than labour immigration, and the issue is too wide-ranging and complex to allow a link between the agreement and social dumping’’ said Bjørnstad.

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