Imported bird feed can cause the spread of weeds

BirdBird.Photo: Pixabay

Last year, the Norwegian Food Safety Authority found several undesirable species of weed seeds in imported bird feed which poses great challenges for agriculture, both economically and environmentally.

The audit found seeds of oatmeal, chicken millet, hemp and ambriosa, which it believes may represent an animal and public health problem.

In total, undesirable species were detected in half of a total of 162 samples last year, which the Norwegian Food Safety Authority believes is disturbing.

“Especially for wild bird mixtures containing seeds of many different plant species, the results are disappointing,” says Torgun Johnsen, senior adviser in the plants section of the Food Safety Authority.

The findings were followed up with the businesses along the way, the audit points out. A new monitoring and mapping program is also being implemented this year. In 2020, the Norwegian Food Safety Authority will summarize and evaluate the program, which has been implemented for three years.

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