International traffic from Norwegian airports is still far less than last year

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Gradually, traffic is starting to pick up at Norwegian airports. Domestic traffic in week 30 was 35 per cent lower than the same week last year, while international traffic is still as much as 85 per cent lower. In total, the decline compared with last year is 62 per cent, according to preliminary traffic figures from Avinor.

In week 30, almost 425,000 passengers flew from airports in Norway, compared to almost 1.31 million in the same week in 2019, preliminary traffic figures show. Weeks 29 and 30 were the first weeks in which large parts of Europe were again exempted from entry quarantine to Norway.

This is still the smallest decrease since week 11. At the lowest, in week 15, there were 95 per cent fewer passengers who visited Norwegian airports compared with the previous year. Since then, the numbers have gradually risen.

Of the ten largest airports in Norway, Oslo Airport Gardermoen has seen the largest decline. The main airport had less than 193,000 passengers in week 30 this year, compared to 632,000 the year before, which is a decrease of 69 per cent. In comparison, only 28 per cent fewer people visited Bodø Airport than during the same week last year. Bergen, Trondheim and Stavanger have also lost between half and two thirds of traffic compared to last year, while airports in northern Norway have experienced considerably less decline.

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