Small child died after being infected by E. coli bacteria

Oslo University Hospital (OUS) chemotherapyOslo University Hospital (OUS).Photo: Fredrik Hagen / NTB scanpix


A small child died on Thursday at Rikshospitalet after complications connected to the E. coli bacteria. The National Institute of Public Health believes this to be an isolated case. 

This has been confirmed by the District Chief Physician, Irene Teslo, to NRK. She is also one of Oslo’s doctors who is responsible for infection control. The child was between one and two years old and lived in Oslo. 

It is unclear where the child was infected, but the child died after having Hemolytic-uremic syndrome(HUS), a condition that usually originates from a specific type of E. coli infection.

The National Institute of Public Health is investigating the case, but believes that so far it does not seem to be an outbreak, but an isolated case. 

Became ill while on holiday in Norway

The child was infected when the family was vacationing in Norway, but it is unsure exactly where he was exposed to the bacteria, writes NRK.

-” The pace of the disease was unusual, and gradually deteriorated drastically.”, says Teslo.

Infection tracing and infection control have started and are being coordinated by the municipal health service in coordination with Norwegian Food Safety Authority, The Veterinary Institute, and the National Institute of Public Health. 

Prevented by good hand hygiene

Good hand hygiene after using the toilet or before preparing meals is generally important for preventing infections that can cause diarrhea. If you have diarrhea, you should avoid cooking for others.

The E. coli bacteria can cause diarrhea , which can be bloody. It can last from 4-10 days for adults and longer for children, according to the National Institute for Public Health. The most dangerous variant is EHEC. 

Some forms of EHEC-bacteria can, in rare cases give dangerous complications in the form  of severe kidney disease Hemolytic-uremic syndrome(HUS), especially in children and elderly.

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