More long-term unemployed people – Nav hope more people are willing to move

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Long-term unemployment is increasing, particularly in the southwestern part of Norway, according to a new analysis from Nav. The agency hopes that those who are unemployed will consider changing their occupation or place of residence   in order to get a job.

The report shows that historically, people out of work have quickly been able to find a new job in Norway, Klassekampen writes . When many people lose their jobs, the time it takes for them to find jobs new first decreases, but then increases when they have been without work for a long time. In addition, having been without a job can in itself become an obstacle to finding a new one.
– The figures clearly show that it is a bad being without work for a long time . Getting into the labor market, even though you do not get your dream job, and then use that as a stepping stone to get the job you really want, is better than being choosy at the beginning,  knowledge director Yngvar Åsholt in Nav says.
– It is important that you are open to changing your profession or trade.  And particularly those out of work who live  in the southwestern part of the country should consider moving to other parts of the country,  Åsholt says.
There are large geographical differences in how the level of unemployment has evolved . Rogaland used to be one of the counties with the lowest level of unemployment, but is now the county with the largest proportion of unemployed people with 4.6 percent being out of work. The total number of  unemployed people in the county has increased  by 47 per cent. In Oslo, unemployment has fallen by 5 percent over a period of one year.


Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today