Lowest number of hotel stays, ever

Hotel Alexandra in Loen in NordfjordHotel Alexandra in Loen in Nordfjord.Photo: Erik Johansen / NTB scanpix

Never before has the number of hotel overnight stays been so low as in April, this year. The worst for the hotel chains was the decline, which was down by 87 percent.

Around 330,000 overnight stays were made at commercial accommodation businesses in April this year. This is 84 percent less than in April last year. The number is the lowest measured in the month of April since Statistics Norway started these surveys in 1985.

The number of hotel stays in April was reduced by almost 1.4 million – a decrease of 87 percent from April the previous year. Overnight stays at campsites dropped by 73 percent, while the number of stays at lodges and hostels fell by 81 percent.

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