Majority supports the abolition of fur farming

Fur farmingFur farming

A majority of the population agree with the government’s move to ban Norwegian fur farming, according to a poll.


The measurement is done by the Sentio Research Group. It was carried out after the Right, Frp and Left agreed to settle Norwegian fur farming in the new Government Declaration that is to take effect by January this year.


Fifty-two percent of the respondents believe that it is right to ban Norwegian fur farming, while 38 percent think otherwise.


The result is roughly the same as in a similar survey conducted by the research group in November 2016. However, the figures show that the gap between town and country in the view of fur farming is increasing. City inhabitants have become the strongest opponents of fur farming, while the resistance of the people living outside of cities are reducing.


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2 Comments on "Majority supports the abolition of fur farming"

  1. Pedro J Alfonso y Capin | 26. February 2018 at 17:44 |

    “Am I My Brother’s Keeper?” In my case ..YES, ..most mammals share 90% of genome. I am my “brothers/sisters” guardian! For I want to get nearer to The Spirit Of The Almighty! Humans have, cotton, linen, silk, sintetices etc. even wool if you want to get closer to animals where sheep do not have to die! Even in milk production today we have the technology to produce only females, and let the females producing milk die a natural death, and the hide and meat then be used for pets, dogs, cats, and other carnivorous animals up keep in zoos! Is there a need for fur or meat? Is not fish, eggs and milk, enough for the time being? It is difficult going up hill to the top! Only a very few will reach it, not because it is difficult…only because of the lack of Will, and Understanding in the Many!

  2. Pedro J Alfonso y Capin | 26. February 2018 at 17:51 |

    Glitch on the spelling, correction:
    synthetics instead of “sintetices”

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