New electric environmental boat to collect trash in the port of Oslo

The environmental boat.Pelikan 2.Oslo.The environmental boat.Pelikan 2.Photo: Jil Yngland / NTB scanpix

The world’s first electric environmental boat of its kind was christened by environmental agent and godmother Tora Elgsaas (14) on thursday. The boat has the name Pelikan II and will collect trash.

The boat is specially designed for efficient collection of liquid trash and will pick up trash in the inner Oslo fjord. The emission-free work boat is the first of its kind and was built by Grovfjord Mekaniske Verksted. 

Pelikan II will replace Pelikan, which, for the last 30 years has removed 1,500 tonnes of trash and driftwood from the Port of Oslo.

Environmental agent and godmother, Tora Elgsaas, thinks there will be more plastic than fish in the sea. Today’s adults have a responsibility to pass on fresh, healthy fjords to the following generations, she said at a press release. 

554 kW batteries ensure that the boat is in full working condition for eight to twelve hours. The batteries can be fully charged in two hours. It has a hydraulic pick-up basket at the front, with a capacity of 350 kilos and can pick up trash efficiently. 

The boat costs 23 million kroner. 

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