New system to simplify the expiration date hunt for foods

Food store shop wasteFood Shopping.Photo.Pixabay

Norgesgruppen has developed a digital tool that will make it easier to keep track of goods approaching their expiration date, and limit the waste and loss.
The Norwegian group is behind chains such as Kiwi, Meny, Spar and Joker. The system, which according to Dagens Næringsliv is now in development, is called NG Flyt. It is a handheld data terminal the size of a smartphone, which shows the commodity flow in the stores.

Next year, this will have a new feature that allows the merchant to receive an early warning that a product is nearing its expiration date, so prices can be lowered to get the item sold. The tool also provides notification if a product has actually expired and must be removed.

– “The stores should carry exactly what is requested. Not too much and not too little,” says Runar Hollevik, CEO of Norgesgruppen, to the newspaper.

The total waste and loss in Norwegian grocery trade in 2016 was estimated at 60,000 tonnes.

Signe Bunkholt Sæter, Communications Manager for Sustainability in Norgesgruppen, believes there has been a change of attitude in customers’ view of goods’ use before dates, and that more customers purchase such discounted goods.


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