North Atlantic Drilling needs 160 workers

North Atlantic DrillingPhoto:North Atlantic Drilling

North Atlantic Drilling needs 160 workers

After winning the contract on the British shelf earlier in the summer, the rig company North Atlantic Drilling will need close to 160 new employees.
After experiencing a downturn that led to layoffs of about 1,000 colleagues, the times are turning for the rig company North Atlantic Drilling, writes Sysla.
“We have been through a heavy layoffs and decommissioning of rigs. It seems that we are on our way up again, “said club leader at the Offshore Association of the company, Arild Berntsen.

The contracts awarded to the Rig company in June is for the Seadrill’s rig West Hercules, with a minimum value of 58 million. The projects start April next year.

More in the pipeline

The club leader can not specify a specific time when the new hires will start, but say it is in the near future.
“We have a two-year agreements with preferential rights for colleagues who lost their jobs in 2016. As it seems now, we will employ mostly Norwegians,” says Berntsen. He looks at 2018 with optimism.
“I strongly believe we will get more contracts for work on more rigs next year,” he says.


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