Listhaug challenges human rights

Minister of Immigration Sylvi ListhaugMinister of Immigration Sylvi Listhaug.Photo: Audun Braastad / NTB scanpix

Listhaug challenges human rights by increasing the use of closed process

Human rights should yield to safeguard the population, says immigration and integration minister Sylvi Listhaug (Progress Party – Frp), who will expand the use of closed process.


As early as in May, Listhaug stated to ABC News that the party would increase the use of closed process, specifically when it comes to those who can not prove their identity and those whose asylum applications have been rejected.

In the wake of lasts week’s attack in Barcelona and the terrorist attacks in Europe in recent months, Listhaug reiterates in an interview with NRK, saying that asylum seekers’ human rights must yield to safeguard the population.

– These people who do not care for their own lives. They kill themselves and others. And in meeting with this, I think we must use new means. An effective tool is to ensure that we are in control of who is in Norway, says Listhaug.

At the moment, there are around 1,600 people in Norwegian asylum centers, who have been rejected for asylum and should therefore have been sent out of the country. Frp and Listhaug will imprison these people.

Safeguarding citizens

– They have the means to travel home. There are many cases where we can not return people, and that is because they do not cooperate with Norwegian authorities. Therefore, I think it’s time to put our foot down and say we have closed process for those who are rejected,” says the Frp minister.
– I think we should challenge these conventions. Perhaps, above all, the European Convention on Human Rights is challenging the relation to the individual country’s ability to safeguard its own citizens, Listhaug believes.

In the interview with ABC News in May, she mentioned that the immigration detention center in Trandum, Akershus has been expanded several times and that a new record has been made on the number of deportations, a policy, she says Frp is going to carry on.

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