Nortura will ship hundreds of tonnes of sheep meat to Oman

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Nortura, through its subsidiary Noridane, will export large quantities of sheep meat to Oman because of the large surplus of sheep meat in Norway.

Rolf Gjermund Fjeldheim, Nortura’s director of industry and market confirmed this with the Nation.

“The reason Nortura facilitates these exports is to limit freezing of sheep in regulatory warehouses,” said Fjeldheim.

It is Noridane Foods AS, where Nortura owns two-thirds of the shares, which will export sheep meat to Oman in the Arabian Peninsula, located about 800 km from Norway.

It was the website that first mentioned the case.

“What is now exported is fresh sheep that are frozen in export packaging as frozen goods to the Middle East market. The meat is not from regulatory stock,” said Fjeldheim.

Fjeldheim pointed to several reasons why they have chosen to sell the meat to Oman.

“They are concerned about quality and getting halal meat. Everything that is exported must be slaughtered halal. Then it is demanding to deliver enough volume. We want to extract up to 1,000 tonnes. But we do not achieve that volume. In reality, there will probably be 500-600 tonnes, which will also make a significant contribution to improving the sheep market in Norway,” explained Fjeldheim.

He did not want to go into the price per kilo but said they are not losing money on exports.  

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