Nortura is struggling with the recruitment of drivers


Centralization of slaughterhouses increased the number of kilometers for drivers and has caused Nortura to struggle with the recruitment of new car drivers.

The crew is getting bigger, but the farms are fewer. In total, Nortura now has only 17 slaughterhouses, compared with 41 in 2010.

This means that the vehicles are constantly farther away.

Generally, drivers work Sunday to Friday, as well as working nights and weekends wrote Nationen newspaper. In case of emergency, they work when needed.

‘’For us, recruitment is important, Nortura is completely dependent on new drivers coming in’’ said transport manager for the eastern region, Jan Kjetil Skovdahl.

In his region, which extends from Dombås in the north to Kristiansand in the south and Hedemark in the east, there are now only four slaughterhouses. They are served by 60 drivers. However, in order for the EU regulations on driving and rest time to be complied with, more are needed.

In order to drive a vehicle, at the least, a driver’s license must be in theclass C and CE range. In addition, one must be a trained butcher to perform emergency slaughter. Courses are also required.

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