Norway and Russia have agreed to fishing quotas

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There is an agreement between Norway and Russia on the distribution of fishing quotas for cod, haddock, blue halibut and red perch for next year.

“After another round of good fisheries negotiations with Russia, I am pleased that we have reached an agreement for 2020 that safeguards the interests of the fisheries industry,” said Fisheries and Seafood Minister Harald T. Nesvik (FRP) in a press release.

The total quota for cod is set at 738,000 tonnes. The Ministry states that the cod stock is in good condition and that the quota entails sound and sustainable management. The quota is distributed between Norway, Russia and third countries according to the same pattern as previous years.

For haddock, the quota is set at 215,000 tonnes, while for red perch it is at 55,860 tonnes.

It should not be opened for capelin fishing in 2020.

The fisheries agreement also contains technical regulations for the practice of fishing, control measures and research cooperation, the government writes.

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