Norwegian enters into cooperation with an American low-cost airline

Photo: Jetblue

Norwegian and the airline JetBlue enter into a letter of intent on cooperation. It will allow travelers to fly to several cities in the United States and Latin America.

– “This collaboration will give travelers an even wider choice. JetBlue is the largest airline on several of our largest US bases, such as New York and Fort Lauderdale,” says acting CEO and CFO Geir Karlsen in Norwegian in a press release.

The agreement will allow you to purchase tickets across the companies’ routes. For example, you will be able to book a ticket at Norwegian to New York, and on to a final destination with JetBlue’s routes.

According to Norwegian, the agreement will allow it to fly to 60 destinations in the United States and 40 destinations in the Caribbean and Latin America from three hubs in the United States to which Norwegian flies to this day. JetBlue’s customers will have the opportunity to fly with Norwegian to over 20 destinations in Europe.

As planned, customers will be able to book tickets through Norwegian and JetBlue on both companies’ websites during the first half of 2020.

JetBlue was founded in 1999, six years after Norwegian. The American company had 42 million passengers in 2018, while Norwegian had 37 million passengers last year.

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