Norway and the Faroe Islands settle on a quota agreement for fishing

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Norway has made a quota agreement with the Faroe Islands that entails Norwegian access to the Faroese zone in 2020. “Important for Norwegian fishermen,” says the fisheries minister.

“The quotas that we exchange with the Faroe Islands are important for Norwegian fishermen. I think it is good that we have an agreement in place that gives Norwegian fishermen quotas and access in the Faroese zone also in 2020,” says Minister of Fisheries and Seafood Harald T. Nesvik (FrP/Progress Party) in a press release.

The quota entails Norwegian fishermen’s access to 2,500 tonnes of common ling and blue ling, 2,000 tonnes of cusk, and 800 tonnes of other species as by-catch. Norway also receives a mackerel quota of 6,600 tonnes, which can be fished both in Faroese waters, the Norwegian economic zone and international waters.

In exchange, the Faroe Islands receive a quota of 4,945 tonnes of cod, 1,100 tonnes of haddock, 500 tonnes of saithe and 400 tonnes of other species as a by-catch in the Norwegian economic zone.

Faroese vessels are also allowed to fish up to 3,450 tonnes of cod and 300 tonnes of haddock, which they obtained through their swap agreement with Russia. Norwegian vessels can fish up to 30,000 tonnes of the Norwegian blue whiting quota for 2020 in Faroese waters.

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