Norway sets aside 21 million kroner to safeguard rivers and fresh water

River - streamPhoto: Kazuend / Unsplash

In 2020, the Norwegian Environment Directorate will give out NOK 21 million to 87 aquatic projects across the country, in order to improve freshwater and coastal aquatic environments.

“Most of the money will go to specific measures to improve the quality of water and the life of animals and plants living in the water. 

“The commitment is huge, and we are pleased to be able to distribute almost twice as much as last year,” Director of the Environment Director Ellen Hambro said in a press release in July.

This year, 223 applicants had applied for a total of NOK 95 million.

Projects that have received grants will, among other things, improve fish living conditions and reduce the effects of human activity such as sewage discharge and other types of pollution.

Restoration of watercourses

The Norwegian Ministry of Climate and Environment wants to strengthen the work on the restoration of watercourses in 2020. 

Therefore, such projects have been given special priority in this year’s allocation.

“We often only fund parts of the projects’ total cost, but the state subsidy can be crucial for their implementation,” Hambro noted at the time.

The grant scheme aims to protect freshwater and coastal water bodies and areas from deterioration.

The scheme’s target group includes municipalities, inter-municipal projects, water body committees, research institutions, and voluntary organizations.

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