Norwegian apples and plums in stores soon


The harvest of Norwegian apples and plums is underway, and it will soon be possible to find them in stores, according to the Directorate of Agriculture.

Western Norway is already well in the process of harvesting plums, and in Eastern Norway plum harvest has just begun, writes the Directorate in its weekly report.

Last week it became clear that apples are ready for harvest in Telemark and Hardanger. Among the mature varieties are Geneva Early and Vista Bella. Crop forecasts indicate good crops this year nationwide, but the crops are the best in the west.

In the coming weeks, it is also expected that Norwegian red and yellow onions will come to the market.

However, the strawberry season is over for this time, while the wet weather has played a role for raspberry producers and there is a lot of gray mold on the berries. Black cherries will still be available for a while.

In summer, market conditions have been relatively stable for most vegetables, fruits and berries, but broccoli, cauliflower, cucumber and tomato have been scarce.

For broccoli, the demand has been much higher than the supply, due to climatic damage and insects in Norwegian crops, and limited access in Europe, according to the directorate.

For cucumber and tomato, imports have been needed to meet demand, and in parts of the foreign market prices have been high.

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