Norwegian fishermen worried about Russian missiles and warships

Trace Of MissilesTrace Of Missiles.Photo:

The fishing demands demands that the government does something about the situation in the Barents Sea after Russia  test-fired three intercontinental missiles on Wednesday.

– Once you have rockets flying over the vessels, it is not a particularly pleasant situation, CEO  in Fishing Boat, Audun Maråk, says to TV 2. He hopes the government will take action.

FishingBboat is  organization for the fishing fleet, and they believe the situation is unacceptable for all parties. Maråk also states that the Russian Navy has started to move into the Norwegian economic zone.

The management of fish resources in the Barents Sea has been a collaborative project between Norway and Russia  for 40 years, and Russian and Norwegian scientists are tasked with charting the fish population.

This means that you need to be able to do research both sides of the border, but for the last two years is IMR been denied access to the Russian part of the Barents Sea.

Arne Røksund, Assistant Secretary for Trade and Fisheries Ministry, told TV2 that they obviously are concerned about the situation and will bring it up next week when Norway and Russia meet for this year’s fisheries negotiations.


Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today