Norwegian shipping company demands NOK 400 million refunded by Spanish shipyards

Havila Subsea.Photo: Havila

The Spanish shipyard Barreras has canceled the order for the Norwegian shipping company Havila on two coastal route ships. Now the shipping company is demanding a refund of NOK 400 million.

Havila believes the cancellation is “unjustified” and will now demand back 400 million from the Spanish shipyard, according to Skipsrevyen.

“We have objected to the termination of the contract and will demand a repayment of paid-up equity of NOK 400 million,” says CEO Per Sævik of Havila.

Since August, work at the Spanish yard has been completely silent, according to Sysla. The yard has major financial problems, and 1,300 employees have been laid off since August.

The two ships were to compete with the Hurtigruten and go between Bergen and Kirkenes. According to the plan, the shipping company Havila will put four ships on the route. Two of the ships are being built at a shipyard in Turkey, while two are to be built at the Barreras shipyard in Spain.

Now Havila is looking for alternative shipyards that can build the ships. Work on the two ships being built in Turkey is going according to plan, according to Havila.

Barreras does not want to comment until the case is resolved, according to Sysla.

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