NRK license increases by 30 NOK

Decrease in total taxes Debt trade deficitMoney. Photo: Norway Today Media

Only the Progress Party opposed about the request for increase NRK (Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation) license fee in Parliament on Thursday while other parties agreed to increase NRK license with 30 NOK next year.

The license fee was held outside the budget compromise between the government and supporting parties. It was decided that the fee should be decided by the culture committee, which heard the case and issued its recommendation on Wednesday.

– The majority has agreed to increase the license with 30 NOK, says Christian Democrat Geir Jørgen Bekkevold to news agency NTB.

The increase will give NRK just over 60 million NOK increase in revenues in 2017, according to the Campaign, who writes that all parties except the Progress Party now stands behind the agreement.

Bekkevold shows that the majority in Parliament now follows up a majority Notice of the settlement in its public message.

– NRK was looking for a funding via this NRK license price adjustment to increase the predictability, he said.

In its budget proposal from government the froze license fees on the 2016 level.

– The government chose to ignore the clear notice, but now at least Parliament followed it up. That’s good, asserts KrF politician.


Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today