NSB to detach several divisions

300 employeesNSB .Photo: wikipedia.org

According to the ministry of transport, the general assembly of the state owned rail company (NSB) have decided to detach several divisions into separate companies

“To facilitate a more efficient and customer-friendly railway sector we conduct a railways reform.  The general assembly of NSB, held on February 15th, it was decided to detach the following companies: ROM Eiendom AS, Mantena AS, Entur AS and Materiellselskapet AS. Several of the companies are owned directly by the Ministry, with important roles in the development of the railway. The goal is to achieve better passenger train operations, for the benefit of travellers”, says Transport Minister Ketil Solvik-Olsen.

The companies will be detached from NSB in April this year. ROM Eiendom infrastructure will be managed by Bane NOR SF, while Mantena, Entur and Materiellselskapet will be owned directly by the Ministry of Transport. NSB AS remains a subsidiary of the state through the Ministry of Transport.

Materiellselskapet will own the train sets. Entur AS will be contributing to a common ticketing system for the entire rail and public transport sector.Mantena AS will offer maintenance to all rail companies operating in Norway, including all players in the freight sector, in addition to operations inSweden. All railway property from Rom Eiendom AS and “Jernbaneverket” will be fused into bane NOR, which should provide better utilisation of the property portfolio in the sector and free property for other use.

“NSB is implementing this major restructuring process to be competitive in the coming competetition for Passengers. The NSB Group is well equipped to undertake this restructuring process according to my knowledge and is supported not in the least by good results”, according to Ketil Solvik-Olsen.


Source: government.no / Norway Today