One in four executives believes there is little risk of being hit by data attacks

Data attacksData attacks

In a new survey, one in four business executives replies that they believe it is unlikely that their business will be hit by a data attack, writes E24.

YouGov has done a survey for the Norwegian Center for Information Security (NorSIS). NorSIS chief Peggy Heie tells E24 that it is frightening that not many believe the major threat cybercrime today poses.

“Business leaders cannot expect suppliers and authorities to take all the responsibility. They must also do something themselves to safeguard the company’s values. Then the digital competence of the employees is very important,” says Heie.

On the other hand, a large majority of respondents believe that there will be as many or more computer attacks against Norwegian companies in the time to come. Only 6 percent of surveyed executives believe there will be less data crime targeting businesses in the time to come.

In the survey, one-third of business executives surveyed say they have been scammed, over half say they have been attacked by malicious emails, and a quarter say they have experienced downtime and interruptions due to human security failures.

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