Private care company gets criticism for their sanitary procedures


The private care company Attendo risk losing the contract with the City of Oslo after allegations of lack of hygiene. The regional comissioner will look into this and make an evaluation.

The case was, according to Aftenposten, reported to the County of Oslo and Akershus University College after two nursing students who were doing their practice work, reacted to the treatment an elderly woman was given by Attendo homecare.

The criticisms of the students,  inlcluded that the care company used the same wash water for feces and  for  treating wound  and that the hand hygiene was unspeakable.

The Health Administration in Oslo has subsequently sent a letter to Attendo where they state that they will make their own evalutation of the issue, which “could have consequences for Attendo contract with the City of Oslo.”

Geir Hansen,   communications  manager, in Attendo Norway says that they are considering this to be a very serious matter.

– We want transparency for our level of quality and a good discrepancy culture. Being  alerted to things which are not as they should be in our company is an important part of this.

But we want to wait for the county governor’s conclusion before we make any further comments, he said.


Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today