Record number included in work in 2018

Confederation of Norwegian Enterprise (NHO)Confederation of Norwegian Enterprise (NHO).Photo: Lise Åserud / NTB scanpix

Record number included in work in 2018

More than 10,000 people were helped to find work from the country’s 110 labour and inclusion companies in 2018. This is a new record according to NHO.

“Cooperation with the business community has never been better. An increasing number of employers are passing by CV deposits and experience that they are recruiting as skilled labour,” said Director Kenneth Stien of the NHO Association of Work & Inclusion.

The number of employees in ordinary companies have increased steadily by 1,000 more each year.

In 2017, about 9,000 were transferred to work, the year before, 8,000. Work and inclusion companies work on behalf of Nav to get people with reduced work capacity out of their ordinary job.

More and more hiring

“The work and inclusion industry uses new methods for employers to feel safe hiring people who have been struggling long in the Nav system. We clearly see a contagious effect. More and more companies are hiring, and more and more people are being hired,’’ said Stien.

He says that close and good follow-up of the individual job seeker is essential.

“There are various reasons why people are outside the workplace. It can be mental disorders, physical challenges, substance abuse problems or lack of competence. The crucial thing is that this is addressed early by competent supervisors and that people are given an opportunity to gain a foothold in working life. Work in itself is healthful. It provides stability, income, and community. Socio-economically, it creates enormous savings, and Norwegian companies have an increasing need for labour. We have great reason to believe in continued positive development in 2019,” said Stien.

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