Rema 1000 and Coop to continue with 3-for-2 offers

Rema 1000Photo: Stian Lysberg Solum / NTB

On Tuesday, the Consumer Council demanded that grocery chains end their 3-for-2 offers in order to reduce food waste.

However, Rema and Coop say they will continue with the offers.

“We share the intention to reduce food waste, but do not agree that the 3-for-2 offers contribute to increased food waste,” communications manager Harald Kristiansen in Coop told newspaper Nationen.

This year on the UN’s international food waste day, which was on Tuesday, the Consumer Council went out and demanded an end to grocery chains’ 3-for-2 offers.

The reason? They believe such offers contribute to increased food waste because they make people buy more food than they need.

No intention to cut offers

Kristiansen said that Coop uses everyday goods with a long shelf life when they make 3-for-2 campaigns.

He, therefore, believes that consumers save money on goods they need.

Rema 1000 promised two years ago that they would remove offers such as 3-for-2, on the grounds that it leads to more food waste.

They are yet to do so.

PR and communications manager Calle Hägg at Rema 1000 told Nationen that offers such as 3-for-2 apply to widely used and durable products that many buy in large quantities, and that are mixed with other products.

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