Second hand housing trade to become safer

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The government is proposing stricter requirements on condition reports and moisture surveys to make house sales safer for the buyer and seller.

“High-quality condition reports will mean security for both the buyer and the seller,” said Minister of Local Government and Modernization Nikolai Astrup (H).

In a proposal that is now being submitted for consultation, the government proposes to tighten the requirements for those who want to make condition reports, and to set new requirements for inspections of the parts of the building that are exposed to moisture.

In May last year, the Storting passed several amendments to the Disposal Act. The most important changes are that the seller will no longer be able to sell the property “as is” if the buyer is a private customer.

The changes also safeguard the seller’s interests in that the buyer cannot claim that a mistake or weakness in the home is a defect in the purchasing right, if it is pointed out in an approved condition report.

The proposal is out for consultation until May 10.

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