Wind and rain danger warnings posted for Southern Norway, police ask owners to secure boats

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Several rain and wind danger warnings have been issued for the upcoming weekend. 

The police in Oslo are asking boat owners to secure their boats and equipment.

According to Norwegian Broadcasting (NRK), gusts of wind can reach up to 20 meters per second in Eastern Norway. 

Additionally, between 40 and 60 millimeters of precipitation is expected in just twelve hours. 

Locally, most rainfall is expected in Buskerud and Telemark.

Due to the danger of large amounts of precipitation and gales during the night, the Oslo police asked people to secure their vessels and equipment via Twitter.

The Norwegian Society for Sea Rescue (Redningsselskapet) also asked boat owners to mark their vessels, warning that many unnecessary search operations occur due to unsecured and unmarked vessels. 

Snow in the mountains

A “yellow” danger warning has also been issued for snow in Southern Norway for altitudes over 700-900 meters.

“A lot of people are going on autumn holiday today, so it’s important to be aware that there may be snow on the roads,” state meteorologist Rannveig Eikill told NRK.

Further north in the country, a “yellow” warning for snow has also been issued for parts of the country.

“From the night between Friday and Saturday, snow showers are expected at altitudes over 400-600 meters in Ofoten and Troms,” the Meteorological Institute wrote on Twitter.

Warm in the west

The wind will also pick up in the north.

“There will be a strong northwesterly gale, and tonight there may be a small storm between the North Cape and Vardø,” the Meteorological Institute added.

In Western Norway, good weather is expected towards the end of the weekend and the start of next week, with up to 20 degrees on Sunday and Monday.

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