Still possible to get summer job

Oslo.Lektern Restaurant at Aker Brygge.Photo : Erlend Aas / Scanpix

Are you still looking for a summer job as you would like to earn some money?


Do not despair! It’s still possible to get a job is YS’s advice is to youngsters.

“It’s not too late to get a summer job. Many summer jobs are never filled out,’’said counsellor, Goran Scekic of YS.

He believes one should approach employers directly, and it is also a good tip to contact family, friends and acquaintances, the whole network to look for possible openings.

“Someone may not be announcing posts because they are expecting young people to make contact themselves,” he said.

But maybe you have to lower your sights for the type of job. Scekic reminded youngsters that all work experience comes in useful later in life.

‘’Do not be picky in the choice of summer jobs. Being able to view different industries and jobs can be important later and will enhance your CV. Summer jobs are a great way to try out different professions and gain a foothold in the workplace. You also learn the working rules of the game,’’ he emphasized in a press release.


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