The demand for labor in Norway is rising, SSB survey shows

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In recent months, the number of vacancies has increased, and unemployment in Norway has fallen, according to the labor force survey from Statistics Norway (SSB).

From August to November, the number of jobs increased by 2%. In the same period, unemployment fell from 4 to 3.5%, Statistics Norway reports. In the fourth quarter of 2021, unemployment amounted to 3.4%.

The positive development in the number of jobs started in May last year and continued after society gradually opened up in late autumn.

Figures for December

“The preliminary figures for December show the same picture, with an increase in the number of jobs of 0.3%,” Tonje Køber, section manager for the labor market and wages at Statistics Norway, stated.

There were 16,000 fewer unemployed and 25,000 more employed people in Norway from August to November. Unemployment is now back at the same level as before the pandemic, but there are still a record number of vacancies.

In December, new measures and restrictions were introduced, probably affecting this year’s figures.

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