Study finds Norwegians more positive towards the rich

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A new worldwide study by the Norwegian School of Management (Norges Handelshøyskole) shows that the Norwegian attitude towards rich people is less negative than in other countries.

Study contradicted common Norwegian stereotype

Contrary to popular stereotypes, Norwegians do not have a particularly negative attitude towards the rich. Some 26.000 participants, in over 60 countries, took part in this global study which showed that the majority of the world think the rich are selfish.

According to the study, people from Australia, Canada, and the United States had the most positive attitudes towards the rich with those from India, Bangladesh, and Pakistan the most negative. Norway, however, placed twelfth on the list contradicting a popular myth that all Norwegians disprove of wealth.

The researchers conducting the study have said that their research shows that Norwegians do not actually have negative attitudes towards the country’s rich and wealthy. Furthermore, the weaker the country’s institutions and the more pervasive corruption is, the more negative a country’s people had towards the rich.

The richer and more educated you are, the researchers said, the more positive attitudes you will possess about those with greater wealth.

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