The tax office warns against new fraud attempts

Search the tax listsTax .Photo: Erik Johansen / NTB scanpix

‘’Delete emails where you are told to click on links to receive the tax settlement,’’ said the call from the tax office.


Many have been subjected to a new attempt at phishing in the past few weeks, to gain personal information such as a password in connection with the tax settlement, the tax authorities stated.

The epost may contain information about a “tax refund amount” being allegedly ready for payment. Others have received an email that simply says, “You have received a new message. Click here to read.’’

‘Evry’ or the tax office are stated to be the sender. Both variants are an attempt at phishing, and the tax office recommends recipients to delete the emails.

‘’Tax authorities never ask users to click on links, reply to e-mails or disclose information in tax notifications or other communications notices. If you get an email that looks like it’s from the tax office, where there are links to be clicked,it should be deleted,” said Ernst Larsen, Senior Adviser at the Tax Administration’s Communication Board.

When the tax authorities send the tax settlement, the recipients are always advised to log in via


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